Why Promax

  1. Promax Undertakes complete design & engineering of High Voltage and Extra High Voltage cable systems upto 400KV
  2. Promax has Qualified and Experienced team of structural designer Electrical Engineers, CAD Operators and Testing Engineers to Undertake HV cable system
  3. Promax manufactures and supply full range of cable system components accessories like fixing cleat, trefoil clamps, cable tray and termination support structure as turnkey EPC package.


  1. - Single & Trefoil Clamps
    - Earthing Link Boxes
    - Cable Support Structures
    - Sealing End Structures


  1. - HV Cable Design & Engineering.
    - Complete EPC for Power Projects.
    - Cable Lying & Joining.
    - Installation & Commissioning.

Selecting a right clamp

  1. Most manufactures do only specify and recommends the short circuit current rating for the selection of cable clamps in terms of KA, but the peak Electromagnetic force generated due to short circuit current is the most important factor for selection of cable clamp.