Highest Product Quality Standard

Cable Cleat


  • High Mechanical Strength
  • Trefoil & Single Cable Arrangement
  • Made from LM-6 or 6000 series Aluminum Alloys
  • EPDM Rubber Lining provides compressible cable bearing surface.
  • Service Range -60 Deg C to 100 Deg C
  • Suitable for 1kv to 500kv Cables
  • Tested Up to 132kA
  • Optional Epoxy surface coatings for corrosive environments.

Standards Reference

  • Cable Cleat: BS EN 50368: 2003
  • Aluminum Alloys: BS EN 755/ BS1490
  • EPDM Lining: BS EN 4255

Promax High Voltage Cable Clamps are available for trefoil and single cable applications where optimum strength is required. The clamps are made from high strength anticorrosion aluminum alloys conforming to EN 755 and BS1490 standard. These Clamps are supplied with nut bolts, washers and 3 mm thick EPDM rubber lining which is used with the clamps to increase friction resistance, additionally it also accommodates the XLPE expansions and provides compressible cable bearing surface during operation or short circuit conditions.

Cable clamps are designed to fix HV cables in Flat and trefoil formation, typically when faults due to short-circuit forces are anticipated. Selection of correct clamp with adequate strength is the most important factor to overcome a fault and enable the circuit to be restored once the fault has been repaired. The proper clamping also ensure easy installation and the safe and long term performance of the cable system.

When two or more parallel conductors carrying three phase alternating current suffer a short circuit cable fault, when the induced electromagnetic fields result the cables experiencing significant opposing forces is termed as “short circuit fault”. A safe electrical cable installation requires a well designed and thoroughly tested aluminum cable clamps with adequate strength. (link)

The method of fixing of HV cable is very important specifically when chances of short circuit fault are very high. Poor clamping with inadequate strength might brake and can damage the cable put under operation, resulting into heavy losses or a shutdown. High Voltage Cables have special clamping requirements to ensure easy and safe installation. Promax offers a complete range of clamps and cleats for all cable types and applications.

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