Innovative HV System & Design

Power Projects EPC

As an electrical high voltage contractor with specialization in high and low voltage cable & electrical installations. Promax offers a complete package of services, from design stage to supply and commissioning of equipment and installations with quality, reliability, and versatility backed by an efficient and cost conscious services to our customers.

Transmission lines, High voltage & substation installation, distribution projects, electrifications and cable installation are all part of services offered by us. Whether it be large power cables or small diameter control cable we are able to provide a complete installation service, including cable management systems, cable supports system, cable tray and basket systems, civil works and cable pulling. Promax offer services for all type of cable laying & installation.

From Submission of drawings, cable routes survey to customer as per project requirement. Installation of steel support structure, cable trays inside substations, tunnels, trench along with installation of cable cleats, trefoil clamps, civil work, making trench backfilling of trench, re-instatement of soil.

Cable jointing, preparation of joint bays for specialized joint work, including installation of air-conditioned jointing chamber at site with full time electric supply, providing helpers and manpower as per the manufacturer requirement. Promax can offer entire package like pre-jointing tests, cable jointing, terminations, high voltage tests, AC test, partial discharge tests, impendence measurement test etc.